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I want to thank you for these months. I am very proud to have been with people so prepared and capable. Also for having your support in these intense months ... It is amazing what the curriculum covers ... I feel already more prepared ... I will recommend the course to friend since I am sure that it made the difference for me, the quality was very high.

Rocío Genoves

Mexico City

I took the level II Prepcourse and for me it made the difference between being well prepared for the exam or not. The group dynamic was excellent and there was always an answer to my doubts.

Adolfo Ruiz

Mexico City

I highly recommend the course. I took it for Level 1 and certainly made the difference. All subjects of the curriculum are covered.

Lorelein Moreno López

Mexico City

The Level I prep course allowed me to understand the complexity addressed in the curriculum. The professors have a relevant professional and academic career. The material provided is not limited to a single source, which allows the student / candidate to learn from multiple perspectives. I highly recommend taking this course if you want to present any exam level of the CFA.

Luis B. Guerrero

Mexico City

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CFA Prep Course Elite Market Instruction Level I
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CFA Prep Course Elite Market Instruction Level I Group

Mexico City, Mexico.

We offer a face-to-face and online modality.

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